About chemswap

Chemswap.com is a transactional website for the sale of chemicals and equipment by OWNERS of chemicals and equipment. That means you can sell right on our site, just like e-bay. Unlike other chemical websites, you HAVE TO OWN OR HAVE EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATION to the products you list on chemswap.com, because our buyers are coming to make a deal

This isn’t advertising, it’s a trading platform.


Register for free, list for free and upload descriptive literature to your listing for free. We get a small commission ONLY IF YOU SELL. The listing categories for Chemicals are: Prime, Excess, Slow Moving, Surplus, Off-Spec and Recovered, so that sellers can properly categorize the type of deal they want to make. The equipment categories are numerous. Visit the site to see for yourself. Buyers can search across categories to find what they want using the SEARCH feature

Chemswap.com is an auction site, so you can get buyers bidding for your inventory, but our “Buy Now” feature allows buyers to purchase any offering immediately, and the transaction occurs between the parties, as quickly as either side wishes


  • NO MEMBERSHIP OR REGISTRATION FEES!! – Come and register to familiarize yourself with the site. If you do any on-line buying now, you’ll feel right at home.
  • NO LISTING FEES!! Sellers can list as many products as they wish, and as often as as they wish, with absolutely no listing fees charged. Options exist for highlighted ads and banner recognition, but all basic listings are free. A small commission is payable ONLY when a sale is made.
  • DESCRIPTIVE LISTINGS – Sellers are encouraged to include as much descriptive information as possible, and can easily upload information like product specifications, certificates of analysis and pictures.
  • POINT AND CLICK EASE – Categories of products and equipment are organized in a simple, easy-to-find format that allows buyers to navigate easily.
  • TRANSPORTATION PARTNERS – Anything purchased on chemswap.com can be transported by one of our logistics partners right on the site, or buyers can arrange their own transportation.
  • WASTE EXCHANGE – We are hosting a waste exchange where companies can help avoid disposal charges by listing their re-usable waste products.

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