Available: Luviskol® K 90 AT 1 Lsg. 20%

The following is available for bid:  Luviskol® K 90 AT 1 Lsg. 20%, Eighteen (18) 1,000-kg IBCs        Total Net Weight: approx 18,000 kg.  Locatedin Norfolk, VA.

Need to bid by 12:00 Noon EST, Thursday, May 24, 2018

 The shipping container sustained damage during stacking.  The cargo has been transloaded into a new container.  Two (2) IBCs are heavily damaged and leaking.  Sixteen (16) IBCs are not leaking; however the metal frames are bent beyond normal DOT standards for shipping.  This may require pumping the material into your own IBCs at the current terminal.

I have requested COA.  Pictures and Data Sheets available upon request.
Please advise interest.