Available: Soap

We are being offered two loads a month in the Memphis area 
The material is Tallow, Palm, and Coconut Oil based – predominately tallow.
Color and size varies per pictures
Can load 20 tons at a time.
Please advise interest.  This is an ongoing situation.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11.

Looking For…

The following is a list of materials we are looking for in roughly 10 drum quantities and on up, depending upon the price, going to the Milwaukee area.      
Stepan Agent 2248-14  (Myristalkonium Chloride and Quaternium 14) 
Biosoft  N 1-5 
Biosoft  N 1-9 
D-Limonene, Lime or Lemon Oil 
Dispex  AA4144 2EHA    (2 EthylHexyl Alcohol and various surfatants made from it like 2EH Sulfonate like Texapon EHS) 
NMP   (N-Methyl Pyrrilidone) 
Tween 20  (Polysorbate 20) 
Glycol Ether EB 
Glycol Ether DM
Glycol Ether DB (also Hexyl Carbitol)
Please let me know if you can supply at
These quantities can increase over time.