Etibor 48 -Borax 5 Mole – 5,100 Metric Tons

I have been offered the following:

Etibor 48 (Borax Pentahydrate – Granular)         Origin:  Turkey

Approximately 5,100 Metric Tons  **packed in one metric ton bags**.  Located in Savannah, GA

The product was rejected due to water exposure from the hurricane.  Supersacks were located in 2 warehouses.  One warehouse is approximately one mile from the terminal and the other warehouse is located on terminal property.

The warehouse off terminal property has approximately 3,186 bags/4,579 Metric tons.  This lot sustained the heaviest damage.  Tide mark lines in this warehouse show standing water of approximately 9 feet above the floor (which was sufficient to cover nearly everything in the entire warehouse).

The 2nd warehouse (located on terminal property) has approximately 1,000 bags.  The tide mark lines were approximately 10” (on bottom tier bags only).

Pictures and Tech Data Sheet attached.

Please note that there is a bid deadline of 12:00 Noon EST, Tuesday, November 1, 2016.

We have requested COA.  Please advise interest.

Etibor 48 TDS

Certificate of Authenticity

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