Looking For…

The following is a list of materials we are looking for in roughly 10 drum quantities and on up, depending upon the price, going to the Milwaukee area.      
Stepan Agent 2248-14  (Myristalkonium Chloride and Quaternium 14) 
Biosoft  N 1-5 
Biosoft  N 1-9 
D-Limonene, Lime or Lemon Oil 
Dispex  AA4144 2EHA    (2 EthylHexyl Alcohol and various surfatants made from it like 2EH Sulfonate like Texapon EHS) 
NMP   (N-Methyl Pyrrilidone) 
Tween 20  (Polysorbate 20) 
Glycol Ether EB 
Glycol Ether DM
Glycol Ether DB (also Hexyl Carbitol)
Please let me know if you can supply at tbanisch@chemswap.com
These quantities can increase over time.