Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

PRODUCT: Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil                    

Date Produced: June 2015

 QUANTITY:  One Drum  Net Weight: 180 Kg

 VALUE:  US $43.00 per Kg

 LOCATION:   Cranbury, NJ

 REASON FOR SALE:  Per inspection by third party inspection service (3/18/16)….Product packed in stainless steel drum with metal sealed filler and vent caps.  There are no punctures, tears or splits in the drum body, base or lid.  There is what appears to be a failure in the cap or seal of the vent port of the drum which is noted to have some product leaking from under the seal even though the seal appears to be intact and undamaged.  It cannot be determined through visual inspection if the product within the drum is in any way contaminated or otherwise adversely affected by the failure of the seal or plug in the drum lid.

Please advise interest.